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Become the next market disruptor with our support.

Nurture your

dream idea

with us.

What we do

We shape your ideas into actionable items, and crystalize your thoughts from an MVP to production-ready and beyond. Our Agile methodologies constantly help nurture an environment of innovation, quality and help bring your imagination to reality.


Our application services cover the full developmental canvas from wireframing to development, testing and release. We follow the best of agile methodologies and work in sprints to adapt fast and stable changes.


We bring together your imagination and our creation, by understanding the core theme, performing R&D on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and laying out actionable items to start development.


Icon of a MVP product showing 360 degree of idea, software, marketing and analysis.

Don't let your data sit idle if instead it can be used to discover unseen knowledge. Apply business analytics and create a mix of data engineering and sciences to build intelligent solutions to provide your users with greater insights.

Data Analysis

& AI

Icon showing Machine Learning and data analysis

Support Service: It comes in various ways and has long-lasting effects on business growth by reducing costs. Understand pain points, automate processes, create feedback systems, and so much more.

Reference Data Implementation Services: Implementation and customization of existing/packaged EDM solutions for Capital Market / Investment Banking.


Icon of software support showing devops, customer feedback and automation.
Icon of a software application for both mobile and web.

Our journey

We started in February 2016, and are successfully adding a multitude of products to our portfolio covering our full canvas of services, with every passing year.

Our growth has helped us serve our clients from a wide range of industries in the fields of finance, construction & mining, property, retail, healthcare, hi-tech engineering and many more.


We have served 25+ clients with our products and custom-made software solutions.

Technip Energies as a client for NMBR System
Striatum Technologies as a client for NMBR System
Sparkflows as a client for NMBR System
Property Deals Insight as a client for NMBR System
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