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Learn, Build and Grow.

For Interns, Developers, Analysts, Data-Scientists, Consultants and so much more.

"According to a study by Robert Half, 84% of companies are willing to hire and train a candidate who lacks the required skills. The study also found that 42% of applicants to a given job listing don’t meet skills requirements, but 62% of employees have been offered a position for which they were not qualified." -  Why candidates should overcome their feeling of under-qualification. 

Our Culture

We make scalable solutions and help solve real-world business problems. Our culture involves vast thinking and consistent innovation, and care for all our stakeholders, be it you, our clients, or our work. We strive to work towards an environment nurturing the right balance for everyone to work comfortably.

Empathy brings us closer and work gets better when our team can speak their heart out honestly and without judgement.

Teammates in NMBR practicing Empathy

We foster innovation and want our team to bring everyone's diverse ideas into values.

Innovating minds at nmbr


empowers us to take initiatives, do the right thing and lead our team forward.

teammates practicing ownership in NMBR

Our curious culture values questions more than the answers and listening without judgements. We accept everyone's insights and opinions and embrace wrong views with humility.

curious minds and curious culture among nmbr teammates

Your growth is our growth, and our employees show the true mark of upward mobility. We have laid out the groundwork for you to take on more, understand the complete roadmap of your career and grow exponentially.

Building our products on the latest frameworks help us to work with the finest of technology, utilize the best of industry standards, and be future-ready.

We recognize that everyone needs their own creative hours to grow and provide quality work. Our offices and work from home cultures and the impact of Covid will help provide you the flexible hours necessary to rejuvenate yourself.

Life at NMBR

We believe that for a purposeful life, there is an integration of work and life. We like learning and spending good time at work, rather than only outside of it. We're a workplace practicing autonomy and growth for everyone to understand better, learn more, and reap multifold career benefits.

Life at NMBR

Teams at a glance


Hiring Process

At times when we have more applicants than we can offer, we may keep your resume on priority in our firm-wide resume repository as per our conversation, and reach out to you in future with our growing needs.




Call Screening


Technical Round


Detailed Technical +
HR Round


Offer Letter
Hiring Process
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