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Custom-made solutions

for your business needs.

Our team's deep expertise in development will help bring value to you by bringing together business ideas and technology. At NMBR, we provide end-to-end services to grow a solution right from prototyping, writing application code, undergo user acceptance testing, & support, and beyond.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.

George Bernard Shaw


Start from the very first baby steps to shape your vision.  

Cognecto is a next-generation platform transforming the mining and construction industry by applying our data science and cutting-edge technologies to enhance production, optimize manpower, improve fuel efficiency, reduce breakdowns and more.


Built on Java, Angular, and redshift cloud DB, our MVP roadmap helped create a platform to integrate a variety of IoT controlled devices and capture sensor data in real-time, which led to a reduction in asset downtime drastically and reduced considerable idle time through dynamic allocation.

Cognecto's platform showing asset information and multiple graphs.

"Your imagination with our creation". We take up your idea, understand the core theme and do Research & Development with you on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). In the process, the thoughts become clear, as we work in an agile way the changes are adapted fast and leading to an amazing product. We also help in Branding and taking the product to the Market. We become your technology arm and you concentrate on your business.


Ideation to Creation

Generate actionable ideas and solutions through sessions such as brainstorming, prototyping, scoping and other ideation techniques to understand the market viability of the solution.


We follow the best agile methodology to develop iteratively, letting requirements and solutions evolve frequently. Conceptualize, plan sprints, construct, release. It's the cycle of development.


Create responsive and real-time applications and launch to market early to validate your product idea, receive valuable user feedback as quickly as possible and plan better for the next versions with priority features.


Plan, build, test user acceptance, prepare and deploy. Move towards automating the process, and safely create effective changes for subsequent releases.


Our product roadmap will include planning and MVP user feedbacks. It will help to plan sprints with actionable tasks and will bridge the gap between the vision and the implementation of product.


Monitor your product, production servers, networks, data, logs, application statistics, user behaviours on your product, any and everything. Monitor, gather and introduce data science and discover unseen dollars.


  Turn your vision into a secure and responsive product with us.


Property Deals Insight is managing 27M+ land assets, serving more than 1200 users, and is providing over 350K+ property deals for their users to plan and chalk out their property investment goals.

Property Deals Insight dashboard showing search features, heat maps, and tabular data

Be it a desktop, web or mobile application, we do all these and many more. We start from wireframing to design, development, testing and release. We develop the applications in close consultation with you and break the delivery into multiple sprints, which helps to take the application faster to production and support phases smoothly.

Application Outline

A website vs an installable application can impact your development goals by multi-folds. Identify the best technology tools and services to reduce development, release and production costs.

API Design

API's expose data and it is the organization's core business that is valuable, and inefficient designs may bring havoc. Design, develop and secure your APIs from the first day itself.


Our DevOps team follow custom processes for continuous integration and delivery.


Visions need to be outlined before starting development. Create simple basic layouts or full-fledged wireframes complete with visual detail and interaction to communicate effectively between teams across stakeholders including designers and developers.

Feature Development

Planned sprints are used to deliver working application by developing new features in a timely manner.

Database Design

Poor design becomes costly in the long run and hence, initially investing in database design pays off in improving performance, easy accommodation of new features, scaling up data multi-folds, and integrating with third-party interfaces.

QA Testing & Monitoring

The right way to move code is to let it flow from development to system-integrated testing, user-acceptance-testing and release. Inadequate and incomplete regression testing may lead to unforeseeable issues.


Our expertise involves working on a wide range of technological capabilities to provide the best of industry-standard solutions.

Python language supported by NMBR
Scala language supported by NMBR
Angular language supported by NMBR
Spark language supported by NMBR
Kafka language supported by NMBR
JAVA language supported by NMBR

Data Analysis & AI

Learn from your data and understand your customer relationships for a better future.

Data Analysis & AI

Sparkflows is a data science and ML platform with over 300+ pre-built drag-and-drop processors to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Over 25+ connectors provide a huge capability to ingest data from various sources, enrich and feature engineer data, and choose from 30+ ML nodes to build, train and test models.

Sparkflows dashboard showing end-to-end data journey.

Apply business analytics, create a mix of data engineering and sciences to build relevant solutions. Apply Machine Learning from the ground up on various use-cases like predictive analytics, NLP, recommender systems and so much more. Our team can handle the end-to-end management of the big data infrastructure from data acquisition to data cleansing to model creation on on-premise or cloud. We can deploy on your infrastructure or managed cloud infrastructures like AWS, AZURE or GCP.

Data Mining

Gather raw data from all your data warehouses, production and test servers and layout the next steps to discover patterns, and knowledge from your datasets.

Applied ML

Combine your data with leading industry standard algorithms and statistics to super charge your business.

Churn Modelling

Are you losing customers? Lower churn rates lead to happier customers, larger margins, and higher profits. Model your data, segment your customers to predict  retention and attrition rates.

Data Analysis

Build data dashboards, use statistical methods and the best of data analytics to gain deeper insights in both historical and real-time data and improve your decision-making.

Predictive Analytics

Even the simplest of applications like predictive maintenance can reduce costs by over 10-40%.


Choose from a host of implementations to apply Sentiment Analysis or other algorithms on customer reviews, customer-support text and audio, hiring and recruitment, healthcare and discover knowledge.

Data Engineering

Create scalable infrastructure to collect, analyze and secure your terabytes of data. Combine the industry practices right from data ingestion, preparation, pipelining, analysis to warehousing.

Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting can save you from last minute unplanned problems of inventory shortage, logistical shortage, from store to warehouse levels all. Add Up-Sell, Cross-Sell and so much more to smoothen your customer experience.



Nurture your products and rejuvenate them.

Our primary objective is to ensure the smooth operation, maintenance, and optimization of applications, allowing our clients to focus on their core objectives without worrying about technical issues. Our team comprises skilled and experienced professionals who possess extensive knowledge of application architecture, programming languages, databases, and system integration.

security threat intelligence dashboard showing threat categories and multiple charts

Our team combines industry knowledge with technical expertise related to various reference data sources to implement EDM solution that meet the unique needs and challenges of the capital market, Investment Banking and Exchanges. Also specialized in seamlessly integrating reference data into your existing capital market systems and applications.

Our DevOps team treats each applications with utmost care. Once a solution is developed, then support becomes the immediate need. We help the product to grow by understanding the pain points and automating most of the process for daily tasks. Refactor and break enterprise repositories into microservices.

Reference Data Implementation

Where we specialize in delivering comprehensive and accurate reference data specifically for the capital market, Investment Banking industry with the highest quality data to support your investment, trading, risk management, and regulatory compliance processes.

Application Maintenance

Introducing regular updates, modifications and re-assessment of applications will lead to fault corrections, faster root-cause analysis and will improve performance.

QA Support

Replace manual testing, data-entry and incorporate unit-testing to replace pain-points and use your time effectively for new processes.

Internal and External Data

Our experts work closely with client team to ensure smooth onboarding, mapping data attributes, and establishing data feeds from various sources, Resulting in consistent and standardized data across client capital market operations.

Security Support

Security frameworks can identify security trends, vulnerabilities and threats, and will recommend appropriate strategies to tackle the same.

Infrastructure Growth

Our DevOps team will ensure stability and performance of your on-premises, cloud or hybrid IT environment.


Strategic or technical domain expertise can help you understand the current scenario and create a robust and viable solution.

Faster Delivery

We can introduce faster requirements-to-release iterations, resulting in a better time to value for customers.

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